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Project Summary:

Positive Solutions to Greatness Foundation is a non-profit focused on providing access to children’s education. For this project, the client was seeking their initial brand identity and business website. They already had a name, vision, and mission. I was recruited to help bring the visual identity to life.


The project was divided into two parts. My primary tasks were to:

  1. Design the business logo and color pallet.
  2. Create a website for the business.
    • Including visual design, website copy.

Actions and Approach: 

1. Creating the business logo and color theme

After the initial call with the client to explore the vision they had for the branding, I conducted a survey with the client to find a design direction. The survey included samples of other logos from the same industry as well as some I generated with the help of an AI generation tool. The goal here was to find a direction for the project.

Once the client selected the best layout to move forward with, I continued with building out the logo in Adobe Illustrator, applying color, and fine-tuning the composition and typography. This was then followed by two more rounds of reviews and revisions.

2. Creating the website

Stage 1: For the first stage of creating the website, I conducted a survey with the client in order to understand their intentions and goals for the website. Questions included items like functions for the website and their public facing contact information.

Stage 2: Using the collected information, I started with a wireframe sketch to identify and layout all the required parts of the website. Once all required areas were identified, I began the process of writing the website copy based on the company’s goals and mission. These were in turn submitted for approval.

Stage 3: Once the wireframe and website copy was approved and ready to go, I followed a rapid prototyping approach to build out the website. I determined that based on the clients intended use and goals for the website, the best tool to build out the project would be a self hosted wordpress site. Other development tasks followed, including securing a domain name, setting up a web-host, and configuring wordpress. This was then followed by a round of review and revisions.

Tools used: 

#GoogleForms #LogoAI #AdobeIllustrator #AdobeXD #Wordpress.


  • All branding and social media assets were delivered on schedule and to the client’s delight.
  • The MVP of the website was finished and launched on schedule.
  • The client received a professional email address with the domain name of their website.


View the live website ↗️

Project Shots:

positive solutions colors