I’m Akinlolu

Product & Ops Specialist.
I am a recent Masters graduate from NJIT, starting my career in Product & Ops Management. I collaborate with primary and secondary stakeholders to help bring products to fruition and to improve on existing ones. My tool chest includes #Data Analysis #Process Innovation #Project Management #Earning Trust and more.

I’m Akinlolu

What I Love Doing

I bring ideas to life. I explore the big picture, and I tally the details.

Web Branding and Marketing

Building and creating brands that are digital and market ready.

Web / User Interface

Building and launching responsive, interactive and clean websites and apps for the digital space.

Project Management

Coordinating and executing a project vision on time, within budget and in scope.

Product Design

Designing and building products that are digital and marketing ready.

Chat / Conversation Design

Custom voice skills with development for both Alexa and the Google Assistant, or a messaging service.

Problem Support

Being there to solve problems and answer the tough questions that keep things running.

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